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ACS首席编剧Jeffrey Yohalam的访谈,涉及RothFrye的听译,不仅是官方盖章,还解释了两人关系的本质和Jacob的态度(以及官方替Jacob出柜了)

访问者说:本作游戏有AC系列首个男男接吻场景,是Maxwell Roth和Jacob之间的,看上去主要是为了好笑或者惊吓观众,那么你们是如何展现游戏里LGBT角色的重要性的呢?

Jeffrey Yohalam: So, You can tell how strongly we feel about it from the fact that we modify the discription at the beginning in the game: this is from a team of various races and we change that to include gender identities.(然后是关于Ned的一堆。)The kiss between Maxwell and Jacob is not for laughs. Maxwell is in love with Jacob and Jacob may have reciprocated.The goal was to make that moment ambiguous.


访问者:I didn't see it quite like that because of the lines that precede it and follow it. He is talking about "the same reason like I do anything else." They kissed and he says"why not?" So that almost to me…… In the case that the kiss is just like……some people has make comparison of Roth with the Joker, it's like Joker just randomly kissing someone, like batman. Even though it's not like……Well, I guess actuallyin that case it's kind of like a WTF thing. Sorry.

访问者说:我没往那方面想,因为那个吻之前和之后的台词,Roth说“我做所有事情都是因为——”然后他亲了Jacob说“Why not?为什么不呢?”所以在我看上去就像,因为很多人都说Roth很像小丑,所以就像是小丑随便的亲了一个人,或许是蝙蝠侠——不过小丑亲蝙蝠侠也够WTF了。

Jeffrey Yohalam: Yes, I was gonna say through that entire mission chain and the way that Maxwell writes the invitation to Jacob tocome to the play, I mean for me, Maxwell Roth was very clearly in love with Jacob. And the whole thing is done to……You know in his misguided crazy way, he's trying to seduce him. 


访问者:Oh, wow. Say I got more of a father and son type vibe. Because Jacob always clashing with his fathers kind of ideals and stuff?


Jeffrey Yohalam: No, I mean it's very intentional that Jacob has no love interests in this game. The sequence with Roth is the love interest sequence.


访问者:WOW. OK. I think some other people might get picked up on that but I did not.


Jeffrey Yohalam:I'm not saying, again, I'm not saying that Jacob reciprocates. BUT, I think that Jacob's very much is drown to Roth, and the kiss is not entirely one-sided. 


访问者:Yeah, I get that kind of...I almost felt like, maybe it's just my interpretation, Jacob is kindda like"I don't know how it feel about what just happened there."


Jeffrey Yohalam: Exactly. And so again, structurely, if you notice, there is no love story with Jacob and a woman in the game.


访问者: Although I do love the fact that he's almost……through all thegame, all these elder woman's like "hello, Jacob~" and he's kind of like"hello" but in a way that's more manipulative than actual interests.


Jeffrey Yohalam: Exactly. So, I mean I think, again, the fact that in AC games, the main character always has a female love interest that's missing from this game is telling. And I think you are right about it, maybe there are something going on, maybe Jacob has to figure himself out to some degree, and this is the first step.


访问者:I mean it's just a very complicated relationship with Roth than general, even without that kiss. There's a lot to digest I think. 


Jeffrey Yohalam: Who takes you away... You know Roth encapsulates the opposite ideology of Jacob's father and so if you think about it inmost of our lives, usually the person we fall in love with is the personthat is the opposite, or, is too much like our parents.


访问者:Intresting. OK, I'm glad we got Roth in there because he's such a great character.OMG. He seems to be universally loved as one of the highlights of ACS.


Jeffrey Yohalam: He is really wonderful. I mean Melisa Macoubrey UBI QC wrote that sequence and she did a fantastic job, Ned also was written by her.

编剧:他真的超棒。育碧魁北克的编剧Melisa Macoubrey写的序列8,她干的漂亮,而且Ned这个角色也是她写的。

访问者: Oh, great.



Jeffrey Yohalam:The idea is that Jacob is actually murdering people.So there is direct consequences to that. But the player is playing Jacob. So it doesn't feel as consequential. So Jacob goes around having all this fun and reeking havoc along London and ultimately, that fun results in, some terrible things, that Evie has to deal with. And Jacob ends up, kind of facing that too, in the sequence with Maxwell Roth, Where he really sees the outcome, immediately, himself, instead of Evie be the one who sees it.

编剧:你要意识到Jacob是真的在杀人。杀人是会有直接的后果的。但是因为玩家在扮演Jacob,所以感觉不到这种后果。所以Jacob在伦敦到处玩耍找乐子,所到之处全是灾难,而他的找乐子就会带来非常糟糕的结果,而Evie就要处理这些。后来Jacob也不得不自食其果,就在他和Maxwell Roth的那个序列,他当场、立即、亲自看到了他玩耍的后果,而不是像往常那样是Evie来替他擦屁股。

友情提示:序列8编剧是 Melisa Macoubrey,关于她你只需要知道一点。之前我在微博上说过,Jacob的配音演员Paul Amos发过一个推特说他和Roth的配音演员曾经是室友,Paul自己和育碧魁北克的一个narrative design妹子在这条推特下面ship油炸玫瑰……这位妹子正是 Melisa Macoubrey


P.S.编剧在这个访谈里也谈到了姐姐和阿三的恋爱关系。编剧说姐姐其实在游戏里一直纠结一点,就是她喜欢上了阿三,但是姐弟俩的爹告诉过他们不能和同事谈恋爱(就是那句never let your feeling compromise the mission),因为姐弟俩的爹妈就是刺客同事,然后妈生孩子时死了,爹失去搭档悲痛欲绝。所以爹对他们的教育一直是,你俩最好就别谈恋爱,更别跟同事谈恋爱。



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